IFLA 2018 : interventions des francophones le mardi 28 août

Si vous participez à l’IFLA cette année, ne manquez pas demain, mardi 28 août, les interventions suivantes, toutes données par des francophones !

◉ Session 182, Mainstreaming Access to Information, Knowledge and Libraries in Development, Democracy and Governance – Access to Information Network – Africa (ATINA) Special Interest Group (SI). La contribution des bibliothèques universitaires au développement communautaire : l’exemple de la bibliothèque de l’Université Virtuelle du Sénégal. Djibril Diallo (Université Virtuelle du Sénégal, Senegal) 

◉ Session 187, Catalysts for environmental and social sustainability: Libraries supporting young adults’ quest for a better future – Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group with Libraries for Children and Young Adults. Libraries as incubators for social impact projects: the example of the Young Leaders Program in West Africa, Jérémy Lachal (Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, France) Muy-Cheng Peich (Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, France)

 Session 193, Great Ideas for Library Advocacy: Examples from IFLA’s International Advocacy Programme. Avec Raphaëlle Bats (Enssib, France) et Reyna Josvah-Rabiaza (Public institution for developing good governance and integrity, Madagascar)

 Session 196, Knowledge Café 2018: Continuous Learning for Successful Info Pros in the Knowledge Economy – Knowledge Management with Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and Library and Research Services for Parliaments. Knowledge Café 2018 : The Knowledge Economy: How continuous learning can prepare information professionals for the future. Julien Sempere (Université Paris-Saclay, France)

◉ Session 207, Collections, Ethics, Perspective, and Voice: The Importance of Context. Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group joint with LGBTQ Users Special Interest Group. Collection development and cultural context: The accommodation of professional to cultural values among Senegalese Academic Librarians. Bernard Dione (Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal)

◉ Session 210, Transforming Library & Research Services for Parliamentary Impact – Library and Research Services for Parliaments. Adjusting the offer to Members´ needs – Innovative tools to reach in and reach out. Etienne Bassot (Director of the Members’ Research Service. European Parliamentary Research Service, Belgium)